Where have the times gone?

With my beloved childhood friends

With MikaMile, my lil sis Ceiy, and Miko.

So glad to have seen my childhood friends again! This was taken last Thursday, May 17. Mika and Miko visited our village after nearly 10 years, in perfect timing with Mile's visit here in the Philippines. Mile kasi stays in Japan na, then Mika and Miko lives in Caloocan now.
In case you're wondering, yes, I am more than 3 years older than them and I consider them my childhood friends. Growing up - being one of the pioneer residents - here in Happy Homes, we've seen people come and go. (Sad reality, I know!) And my friends are no exception. Kami nalang talaga natira dito with just a very few 'Happy Homes pioneer' families. Almost everyone moved, flew abroad, thus minsan lang ang aming pagkikita-kita. The ones who are of my age also left the village, the ones who stayed do not go out often for they have work and schooling to do. Thought in mind, matatanda na kasi kami.

But for some reason, I always find myself hanging out with my sister's friends. Always! Maybe because I am still a kid at heart? MAYBE. Deep inside I still long for cotton candies and hide-and-seek. I miss my childhood, most especially the people who are a part of it.
So May 17, 2012 is a pretty special date. (I try so hard to keep the tears from falling, but here they are now, wetting my cheeks. Gaaah!) The same day I had my photoshoot with Meg magazine as Colour Collection's It Girl 2012 (you will soon find a separate blog entry about that), so I rushed home in order to catch them. Glad I did, because our busy schedules are not so friendly with get-together plans!

I brought home cream puffs. Wala lang, that's just what they requested. Miko cooked something for the whole barkada (yes, Miko is the same Miko in Pinoy Junior Master Chef) but he and her Ate Mika did not get to eat because they had to leave already. Geez, I just hafta say, Miko wouldn't be JMC's top 6 kiddie cook for nothing! The dish was delish! Napakain ako ng maraming kanin! Marami as in bonggang-bongga!

I used to take care of Miko when he was still 3 or 4. Never had I imagined that he'll be the kiddie cook he is now (hello naman, ang bagets ko lang din kasi nun and takbuhan and swimming sa mini pool lang naman ginagawa nila), while my sister Ceiy was in charge of Mika, who is now a very pretty young lady. Grabe, Ceiy was her yaya! Soooo cute! Then when I saw them, I was shocked, they're grownups na talaga! How time flies..

Which reminds me...

Earlier this morning, my sister and I went to the airport to drop Mile. She returned to Japan after spending 8 days back here in Happy Homes. (And here come the tears again!!) Time really flies by so fast if you're having fun, no? I can't believe 8 days are already friggin' over! So I guess we hafta be bestfriends with Skype again..


Weird how can one have to get used to the "normal", and not knowing how to start, again.. I guess we're back to reality, that, Happy Homes is not the same Happy Homes we used to be happy in. It's just not simple when everyone's gone and you're stuck there, longing for the old times.. when everything was simple, or simply, happy. But that's the way how life goes.


Here's to all those craving for cotton candies!
DFN. ♥


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