About the (Crazy) Name

You have no idea how hard it was for me to decide for this blog's name. Maybe that was as hard as thinking of a name for a newborn. To tell you the truth, I spent a couple of days thinking about what the blog name should be. When I was sitting in the jeepney to and from school, waiting in the hallway for class, staring at the computer monitor while I log into Blogger, I just couldn't get my mind away from thinking what I should name this blog. It was sooooo crazyAnd that. Yes, I figured I could use that!

"Crazy" popped in my mind after coming up with different names for this blog, to name one (the craziest one): Looka Lucka. Way too crazy, right?

Having "crazy" in mind (or a crazy mind? LOL! Kidding.), I literally Google-d for a cuter, less outright term for it. Hence, the word "daffy".

So as a product of wit...
Nah, scrap that! Ha ha ha ha.

But I knew "daffy" couldn't stand alone, so I affixed "-nitely" to resemble the word "definitely".

daffy + -nitely = daffynitely

In this context, I give you DAFFYNITELY - a blog that's absolutely crazy... in a good way! *wink*

Xxo, DFN.


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