Makeover On the Go!

The makeover bus
Photo from: Makeup artist 
Nybie Ng's blog

As part of their University Tour, the Colour Collection makeover bus, in cooperation with Meg Magazine, hit UP Diliman last Feb. 1-3. "Adventurous" that I am, I was among the first girls to try it! When I hopped into the bus, I felt like Miley Cyrus having a world tour. The interior was so cute and comfy, girly and cozy! I just wanted to stay there forever!

Look at the workstations! Karir 'di ba? Bongga! It reminded me of the dressing rooms in ABSCBN. Every girl would definitely feel like a star!
The artists' workstations
Photo from: Makeup artist
Nybie Ng's blog
And here are the people who beautified the Iskas, even the Iskos, who paid the bus a visit: Ms. Nybie, Ms. Dira, and Ms. Jex! They are super friendly, sarap kausap! The reason why I kept coming back to the bus. LOL! =)))
The makeup artists (L-R): Ms. Nybie Ng, Ms. Indira Cobarrubias, Ms. Jex Garcia
Photo from: Makeup artist 
Nybie Ng's blog
I told you, I kept coming back!
(Day 1 of the makeover bus in UP)
With Ms. 
Nybie Ng
Day 1: Tea Rose lippy

(Day 2 of the makeover bus in UP, I was still present!)
With Ms.
Nybie Ng
Day 2: Paradise Pink lippy
(before the Beauty Chat with Ms. Bianca Valerio)

(Day 3 of the makeover bus in UP! Yes, I completed the three days. ☺)
Taken by Ms. 
Nybie Ng
Day 3: Emerald Gem lippy

Consistent with my acad principle of no absences! Nyahaaaa.

And oh, did you notice that my makeup went fiercer and bolder day by day? Nah, there's a story behind. Day 1, we went for a no-makeup look. Day 2, Ms. Nybie and I matched lip colors - "Barbie" pink! And Day 3, my photography class had a shoot wherein we are one another's models and it's about era fashion. I was assigned to the 70s group, so Ms. Nybie gave me red lips!

Three amazing days with such an amazing team! I'm certain that I'm gonna miss the chic purple bus in the campus.

But oh well, life goes on.. Good thing I was able to get hold of a few products from The Colour Collection. I can just apply makeup on my own using those.

BB Cream, Body Mist, Angel Berry lippy

And I'll still keep in touch with Ms. Nybie! Yeyy. Speaking of keeping in touch, you can contact her for superb professional services by visiting her Facebook page: 

Make up Artistry by Nybie Ng. The contact numbers are listed there so, go girls! Book Ate Nybs. ☺

Thanks for reading!

'Till next time!

Xxo, DFN.


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