Ohzumness Overload and Special Shoutouts!!

As you may have already heard, I got in the Colour Collection's Best 12 girls. OHZUM!


This is the second to the last day of voting!! The past two days have been really overwhelming for we were able to, not only catch the 500-vote lead, but also take the 1st spot! I dunno how it happened but all I know is that YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!

Before, I wanted to win because of the prizes at stake. I mean, come on, that's a full-page feature! Bilang mahilig ako on all that stuff, why not diba? But now, I want to win because I don't want your votes, all the love and support you've all been giving me, to go to waste. More than anything. Really, nakaka-touch. HIHIHI ang drama ko pero totoo.

So yaaaan, no. 1 tayo. Let's MEYNTEYN (oops, I mean "maintain") this spot! Pretty please give me your last 10 votes, 5 for today and 5 for tomorrow? ;)) Please vote today and tomorrow to MEYNTEYN the spot we are in now! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Y'all know what to do! ;)

(SKIP Steps 2 & 4 IF it's not your first time to vote. ☺)
2. LIKE the page IF you haven't yet.
3. Click VOTE NOW near Bea Alonzo's photo.
4. ALLOW app, IF you have not allowed it yet.
5. The Best 12 voting page will appear, VOTE for the first photo, Raessy Angeles aka me.
6. A Thank You page will appear, refresh the page and VOTE for me again. :)
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until a dialog box appears saying that you already reached the five-votes-per-day limit.

STAY OHZUM!!! Awesomeness overload, leggo!! God bless you. ♥

Also, I would like to thank Rez Toledo (Somedaydream) and Kuya Champ Lui Pio for showing support and spreading the word. Kayo mga Kuya ang DA BEST!!

Somedaydream's post on FB ;)

Champ's post on his FB account ;)

Also, a huge huge thank you to the BOOM BABIES: Cha, Mica, Jolina, Angel; ohzum friends Marga, Christine, Sachi, Louie Ann; Kuya Rai, Ate Dji, Ate Dar, Ate Maix; all the Dreamers, HALErs; Tito Rex and Tita Susan, all my Titos and Titas in Quezon, Cavite, and around the globe -- all of you - friends, relatives, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, et al. - who tirelessly voted and vote for me! THANK YOU. Sorry I cannot mention everyone on this post but I will try to come up with a complete list. REALLY, thank you all so much! God bless you. ♥



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