HK graffitee

Venus cut Salad rockstar top
HK mustard longsleeves

Emporio Armani striped blazer
Charlotte Russe shorts

Who among you thought that ukay-ukay was something, say, unhygienic?
Well, I did! The fact that you didn't know where the clothes came from and who wore them first. Mind-boggling paranoia I swear!

Until the day it became talk-of-the-town. Television shows featured various ukay-ukay spots - from Baguio, the so-called "ukay capital", to QC! I remember vividly when a show in GMA-7 featured one near our home. I was even the one who told - no, insisted - my parents to try thrifting. They gave in, and try we did! Hahuh.


Ukay-ukay isn't so bad after all! In fact we now frequent, and prefer, shopping in ukay spots than in malls. Not only there are great finds (brand new pieces - branded or not) that come in affordable prices, we also get to know unfamiliar - and surprisingly great, big - brands from Brazil, Japan, Italy, etc. Who knew thrifting could be so educational?

And yes, there are skills that you can develop through ukay-shopping! Eyes that easily spot interesting pieces, hands that quickly determine good fabric. Of course, mind that can discern which is a great find and what's not!

The pictures above are just some of the pieces I got from ukay-ukay! Actually it's funny how we go thrifting now. We literally check out the spots that catch our eyes - whenever, wherever! And they're incredibly plenty! Look around, they're just there.

Gone're the issues of hygiene. You just have to wash the pieces you bought before you wear 'em! Usually the pieces smell of mothballs you would actually wash 'em without having people advise you. Hihi! ;) (Prolly you should've said, "duh!" but yes, truth!)

And here's a tip: whenever you go thrifting, put on your most comfortable clothes, preferrably those that can be easily removed. That'll make fitting easier and it'll actually save time. Hence, more time in looking for more great finds! Another tip: learn how to decide between what's worth buying in the new arrivals (the new stock) price and what's not. If you think that a certain piece won't be bought right away, meaning it'll still be there the next time you stop by (thrift shops go on major major sale before new stocks arrive: 50% off, Php75 or Php50 each, 3 for Php100, 5 for Php100, even Php10 or Php5 each!), don't be in a hurry! Unless you think that the piece is really an eye candy, don't buy it yet. Wait until it is offered on a much lower price.

Now if you thought wrong, don't be so sad. There are other pieces for you. Think of it as this: someone might have felt the same when you were able to take hold of the piece he/she has 'reserved' for later time. Okay, that might be an absurd way of putting things in perspective. How about this: if it's for you, it'll be for you. Better now? *wink*

Who knew thrifting can also be, uhm, complicated?

But. thrifting. can. also. be. so. much. FUN!

Why not visit a thrift shop near you?
And tell me how your adventure turned out!

Kudos, DFN.


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