Makeup Mad Props

My official Rendezvous II: Runway Stars photo
Makeup by the beautiful Ms. Gab Cabrera
Taken back home from the photoshoot
I super love what Ms. Gab did to my makeup. Smokey eyes and nude lips are definitely the perfect match for a ROCKin' look! So when she asked me if I liked my makeup in the photoshoot or would I want her to change it for the actual event, I told her that I was sticking with what she did the week before.

While she was doing my makeup, I was asking her random questions about cosmetics. I particularly asked about the brand of her brushes. Bobbi Brown. About what to fix most especially. Eyebrows. Fix the eyebrows and put on some lipgloss, you're ready to go!

Kudos to Ms. Gab for my ROCKin' look! Super kind. Super beautiful. Super talented. Did I mention she was a Ms. Earth candidate? Cool, ayt?

Mad props for Ms. Gab!

'Til next post!
Xxo, DFN.


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