Had I gone blonde? ;)

Never knew blonde would suit me!

Never knew the color suits me! Or so I think?

But no, I hadn't undergone such DRASTIC change yet! Someday, maybe?
But I'll admit that I once thought of going all legally blonde.
Remember this?

UP Pep Squad turns all blonde
© GMANetwork.com

© Interaksyon.com
© Interaksyon.com
You got it! When the hype of UAAP Cheer Dance Competition was on, I was among the people who wanted to go blonde like our very own UP Pep Squad.

Anyway, I didn't get to do it. I think I needed more courage and the guts to sport the hair style. (I heard the bleaching hurts!) Also, I would be needing permission from my dad before undergoing such daring move. Yes, I need to sort of LEGALIZE everything. Talk about being legally blonde! ;)

So months after all the UP CDC hypes and everything, I decided to try the bleaching process. No, I'm not blonde. The photo above is a product of boredom, by the way. I stumbled upon a site called Daily Makeover that can put on different hairstyles and makeup products on the virtual you aka your uploaded photo. Click on the link above to find out more! Try it when you're bored, it eases the ennui!

So yes, going back, I tried to bleach my hair! At first it wasn't legal for I literally locked myself in the bathroom while applying the bleach to hide from my dad. When I came out it was about time for the cream to be rinsed. And guess what, my dad was in awe with the result! I mean, good awe. He was actually amazed with the result:

Initial result; had to retouch the tips after a day.

Yes oh yes! I love it! But I had to retouch the tips after a day for I was not able to get the yellow gradient at first try.

So the final result is:

Ta-duh! Yellow tips ♥

There. The colors usually fade after a few months so I'm still expecting my hair to be lighter. 

If you're wondering about what ombre is. Well, the word comes from a French word that means "shading". In hair color, it generally refers to that of "darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends." (Heiman, n.d.)

I just searched around YouTube for hair coloring instructions. Now if you're planning to try it too, choose a YouTube user who shares the same hair color as yours. He/She can share with you the techniques and insights that can be more helpful to you! As for me, I chose ThePersianbabe's instructions for my base hair color is similar to hers.

So again. No, I had not gone blonde. Just ombre! ♥


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